Draft Edition


We are a dedicated team of players, artists, hobbyists, and most importantly tabletop gaming enthusiasts. Our Vision is simple. To create the best fantasy tabletop game with miniatures ever. To do so we combined energy, focus and decades of gaming experience and forged a truly remarkable product. We offer the full deal. Rules, codexes, army list building tool, means to store your personal statistics and most glorious gaming moments, tournament creator, ladder positioning, even 3d printing companies and professional painters to get you playing asap! Read on ..

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Our game is set in the fantasy world of Tamaria. A place where the magical vortex is constantly trying to engulf him. But Tamarien remains steadfast, resisting the eternal hordes of evil that pour from the vortex. A place where the sacred realm of man reigns, surrounded by countless enemies, but also numerous allies. The game is played on a 6 x 4 foot table with 28 mm square based miniatures. Our rulespack is designed in such a manner that each game never exceeds 2 hours. It includes a 35-page rulebook, a small codex for each army, and 3 beautiful decks of cards. All of this is distributed electronically but there will be printed editions in the near future. Please see the roadmap for more details.

What we offer

We have created the most comprehensive tabletop strategy experience with miniatures available. Our rules allow you to get started with just a handful of miniatures, and all the game material you need is easily accessible and downloadable from the games dedicated application. Is that all? No! We also offer list building tools, widgets to store your game stats, ladders, tournament planners, access to scores for each codex and much more! For about $ 5/month, you will not have to worry about buying rules or ancillary products anymore! And even if something is missing, or you just have a cool idea that will help the product improve, just send us an email and we will create it for you at no additional cost.

Why we are different

Our product is built by us but community will have a direct saying to every aspect of it. Access to the developers will be unlimited through dedicated channels in the app, while we will be constantly open for fresh ideas and suggestions. In other words we all will be building this together. Every single one of you will be heard and, why not, if hers or his ideas are cool could also join in! There are no "experts" here, only people who just want to have fun through a quality product with as much balance as possible. We promise a constant commitment to self improvement, transparency and a healthy community.

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Consensus and Innovation

Consensus & Principals

A modern problem with miniature tabletop games is complexity and cost. A fully painted army requires a lot of money, while a complete understanding of the rules is sometimes almost impossible. We have introduced these problems and solved them. Our rules can be digested in a single day, while we -officially- add movement trays to our system (trays are empty spaces that replace numerous miniatures) to help newcomers get started as quickly as possible. Read More

Game Changer

Dedicated Application

Introducing the Game Changer application, a tool that does everything for you! Electronic rulebooks, all codexes, list makers, leaderboards and much more. Another problem with tabletop games is the large number of ancillary products to your beloved game. You need the rulebook, the codexes, the errattas, an electronic tool to create your lists, another to store your personal scores and yet another to participate in or initiate tournaments. Well, we have taken care of that and put all of that (and much more!) into a single web application. Try it out for free!

Races & Roadmap

The Roadmap

Quality comes first!

We begun July 2022. Since then there has been immense working and continuous effort by everyone involved. We plan to release our draft version October 2022, along with a set of two armies, and then proceed to kickstarter so that we fund our next steps. These include a complete box set, specialized miniatures and a total of 16 different armies. Read More


The Races

16 Unique Factions

So far, we have brought into being the Holy Empire of Man, a vast multicultural realm where humans, gnomes, dwarves and some elves live together and constantly fight off floods of evil invaders, and the Testament of Steel, a dark race chosen by the most evil dark gods to destroy the known world! As the game progresses, 14 more factions will be introduced, and, why not, maybe even more! Read More